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Automating Payables for the SME Market:  A Big Bang for the Buck Download
Until recently, accounts payable (AP) automation initiatives were largely limited to Fortune 1000 companies, which had the human and capital resources to implement and manage these applications.
FFIEC Guideline Layered Security How Much is Enough - Debbie Peace, President ACH Alert Download
The guidance says layered security is characterized by the use of different controls at different points in a transaction process. Nine specific methods are cited by the guidance as effective controls that may be included in a layered security program. The guidance is clear not to “limit” it to those nine and even goes on to make additional recommendations.

Bar Codes - A Primer for Document Management - eGistics

Although they are not a solve-all, barcodes can add efficiency and accuracy to your document management efforts, and should be given serious consideration as part of your best practices. From effectively and automatically passing information for indexing, to triggering a query into an external database, barcodes can help make your document management efforts easier. Barcodes are simple, universal and inexpensive. They utilize a proven, not experimental, technology. In fact barcodes date back to 1948. The technology has been refined and perfected over the years, and it shows no signs of going away. If you are not using barcodes in your document management practice, perhaps it's time to start.

Acceleration in the Mobile Banking and Payments Landscape: Insights and Perspectives from Financial Institutions - Fiserv.

Since mobile banking and payments first appeared on the financial services landscape over a decade ago, there has been considerable attention given to consumer demand and adoption of these services. In recent years, additional focus has turned to the initiatives mobile handset manufacturers, carriers and merchants are undertaking to facilitate mobile payments. In contrast, and with some surprise, little attention has been given to the role financial institutions might have in this arena.

Capture, consolidate, confirm and clear! - JB Software by Bill Ensslen

The transaction processing industry is in a state of change that shows no sign of ending. Paper remittance transactions are decreasing, but we still need to process paper. Fullpage imaging is a proven costreducer, and is growing every day. Accounts Receivable Conversion is changing as NACHA guidelines evolve. Check 21/Image Exchange is gaining traction, with remote capture as the “killer application”, and all forms of electronic payment needing to arrive at any number of destinations.

Evolution of the Paperless AP Department - BancTec by Michael Cichy

In the past decade, leading organizations have optimized business processes and driven costs out of the order-to-cash cycle. These advances have helped companies achieve and/or maintain profitability in a down market. Less time has been spent on automating the purchase-to-pay process, even though numerous technologies could be leveraged to do so. This paper will explore the business value and the expected problems associated with implementing a paperless invoice-processing hub.

Filling the Gaps in the Financial Supply Chain - A Strategic Blueprint for Future Success - JB Software by Robert Bartlett

In a perfect world, every payment or transactioncapture operation would be born fully integrated, with central operations, remote imagebased processing centers and client locations feeding into receivables and other transactions systems, providing perfect, seamless manageability and visibility at every point in the financial supply chain. Then, in the case of a service provider, all the Treasury or business group would have to do is tilt their chair back, put their feet up, and dream up ways to turn what used to be a costcenter into new revenue streams. But life, as we know, is not like that.

Guaranteed Performance in Check Processing - Orbograph

This paper focuses on how financial institutions with in-house check processing can evolve their operations into the greatest levels of efficiency

IDC-distiller at Eastern Financial Florida Credit Union: Improving operational efficiency, enhancing customer service

Eastern Financial Florida Credit Union (www.effcu.org) is the largest credit union in South Florida, with over $2 billion in assets, more than 213,000 members, and an enviable reputation for exemplary member service. Dee Raber, Assistant Vice President of Document Management, knew that in order to continue to deliver superior member services while pursuing an aggressive growth plan of opening two new branches a year, Eastern Financial needed an intelligent document management solution capable of handling the massive volume of documents generated to support the credit union’s growing member base.

It's An 'Any-to-Any' World' - JBSoftware by Chuck Rosenberg

The good news is that the exponential growth in payments complexity – from Check 21 and ACH to invoice scanning and EOB processing – has led to new technologies and tactics that not only help operations managers better handle inbound and outbound transaction images and data across the enterprise, but also provide treasury and business managers with strategic business opportunities to offer the innovative services necessary to attract and retain clients.

Maximizing Healthcare Payment Automation = BancTec by Arvella Hill

The payments process within the U.S. healthcare industry is still paper intensive; in fact, McKinsey Quarterly states that more than half of the transactions are paper based. In addition, there is a lag if the payment is paper and the remittance is electronic (service)

Montana Department of Revenue Implements Enhanced Compliance Solution from Farifax Imaging - Fairfax Imaging

In 2009, the Montana Department of Revenue (DOR) began a project as part of a long-range information technology program designed to improve departmental efficiency by enhancing compliance activities through image technology. The Department has over 100 different individual forms that need to be processed accurately and in a timely manner. Because this was being done manually, DOR sought to acquire a solution that would image their tax forms and collect related information through Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR).

RINGTAIL SOLUTIONS: Helps Clients Manage and Search Case Documents - Brainware

Although its portal is recognized as an industry leader, Ringtail's president, Eddie O'Brien, sought to differentiate his company's products from competing solutions by providing an integrated concept tool. In doing so, O'Brien identified two key benefits he wanted to achieve for Ringtail clients.

Royal Cup Case Study - OPEN SCAN

Faced with robust business growth, the only way its Accounts Receivable (A/R) Department could keep pace was to add headcount at a rate higher than the rest of the company. In fact, cash application and deposit were running three days behind on average. This model was costly and did not allow the group to meet performance objectives.
Transaction Directory - A Single Source for Remittance Processing Information

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