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Strategies for Success Guide- Mobile's Influence in Transaction Processing


A robust mobile product has become a ‘must have offering’ for financial institutions, outsourcers and corporations who require comprehensive accounts receivable automation.  As one of the fastest growing segments of the transaction channel, the technological offering around mobile brings a host of associated questions.  This Guide provides  expertise and thought leadership for leaders in the mobile transaction industry.

Strategies for Success: Alternatives To In-House Processing: Lockbox, Outsourcing and BPO

Operations managers currently in their third and fourth generation of processing technology are discovering fewer opportunities for process improvement while fighting a battle against declining paper volumes and rising labor expenses. The justification for in -house processing becomes more difficult each year for the mature operation. Few opportunities exist that allow for significant improvements in process and cost reduction (05/18/2010)

Strategies For Success: Innovation, Productivity and Convergence

Articles from CDS Global, AllMyPapers, and JB Software on innovation and productivity opportunities (12/30/2009)

Strategies For Success: The Outsourcing Evolution

Articles from Symcor, Regulus, Fiserv, CDS-Global,FEDChex, First Data Corporation and Cash Management Solutions on Outsourcing alternatives and advantages. (10/30/2009)

Strategies for Success - Remote Capture

A compilation of articles and advice from AllMyPapers, Fiserv, Goldleaf, J&B Software, Metavante, Panini, ProfitStars, Purepay and WAUSAU. (07/01/2009)

Strategies for Success - Alternative Payments

Articles by MoneyGram, NACHA and Moneta on alternative payment methods. (03/30/2009)

Strategies for Success: Challenges & Opportunities in 2009

It is difficult to find anyone that doesn't believe that 2009 will be a challenging year for business. Combined with the economic and financial challenges we will face are opportunities. The challenge is identifying those opportunities that are directly applicable, affordable and quick to implement. (12/31/2008)

Strategies For Success: Electronic and Other Payment Alternatives

The market is rapidly moving away from pure paper-based payment systems. The introduction of ARC and Check21 ushered in a new era of alternative payment opportunities. With the use of paper check in decline consumers and businesses are exploring alternative payment methods that are more convenient, easier to use and less costly than paper-based transactions. (03/01/2008)

Strategies for Success: Future of Cash Management

The following vendors share their views on the future of cash management: The Bank of New York Mellon, CSC, eGistics, Fairfax Imaging, Fidelity National Information Services, Phoenix-Hecht and WAUSAU. (02/25/2008)

Strategies for Success: Branch, Remote and Back-Office Capture

A compilation of articles and advice from CONIX, The Copper River Group, Orbograph, UniLink, J&B Software, Metavante, MoneyGram, WAUSAU, Open Solutions, and ProfitStars. (11/01/2007)

Strategies for Success: Emerging Payment Alternatives

The new buzz and the growing opportunity in the industry is the ability to leverage the technologies available to break out of the stereotypical payment methods and alternatives. Articles by eGistics, Diebold, Transactis, Independent Banker's Bank, eBillme by MODA Solutions and AudioTel. (10/01/2007)

Strategies for Success - Security, Fraud and Transaction Integrity

Articles by Orbograph, Parascript, Paymetric, SAFEChecks & Abagnale & Associates and WAUSAU illustrate how these vendors are leading the industry in fraud detection and prevention (07/01/2007)

Strategies for Success: Outsourcing and Lockbox Providers

A compilation of articles and advice from Mellon Bank, The Bank of New York, Regulus, KeyBank, AFS-Metavante, Wachovia Corporation, Wells Fargo, Crown Solutions, SMS, RemitStream Solutions, and Communication Data Servcies (CDS). (09/01/2005)

Strategies for Success: Check 21, Image Exchange and ARC

A compilation of articles and advice from Mellon Bank, OPEX Corporation, ACH Commerce, Bank of America, Epson America, CheckFree, Panini North America, J&B Software, ERAS, VICOR, Advanced Financial Solutions (AFS), VSoft Corporation, EDS and Regulus (08/01/2005)
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