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Conversation.one is Amazon Alexa-Certified for Financial Institutions

SUNNYVALE, CA - Alexa skills, Google Home actions, FB messenger bots, intelligent assistants – the world of conversational interfaces is booming. In parallel, banks and credit unions seek to improve customer service while reducing their high call center personnel costs. However, a lack of skills and knowledge in this new, dynamic market makes it almost impossible for businesses to embrace these trends.

At the end of last year, CONVERSATION.ONE launched its platform for financial institutions, to help them build their conversational applications in a snap! Without the need for coding or any complex integrations, any bank or credit union can build its Alexa skill, Google Home action, chatbot, messaging and even IVR system, in less than 5 minutes!

Conversation.one has recently been working with the Amazon Alexa team to allow small-medium financial institutions to launch their Alexa skills in a secure and sustainable way. NEFCU, Nassau Educators Credit Union, and First Abilene CU are the first to leverage the platform's certification, and launch their skills on Amazon Alexa.

Conversation.one's banking solution offers automatic API integration for more than 10,000 FIs. The platform offers more than 25 pre-built conversational flows that provide customers with access to real time data and insights, including information on their accounts' balance, recent transactions, as well as the transfer of money from one account to another.

"Banks and CUs are struggling against fintech companies and social networks. Money is being shifted from traditional organizations to the new mediums", says CEO Chen Levkovich. "Conversation.one's seamless conversational solution allows Banks and CUs to finally fight back."

Conversation.one provides strict security modules that enable FIs to implement and enforce their individual security standards for different conversational channels. The platform provides an SSO module and a 2-factor authentication module. Together, these features bridge the gap that has been created by conversational services.

Conversation.one is a build-once-deploy-anywhere platform for conversational applications which combines deep-learning and crowd-sourcing methodologies to continuously improve conversational accuracy and build rich, fluent and natural correspondence with any device, while maximizing user communication.

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