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BAI Announces its New Commercial Benchmarking Research Program

CHICAGO IL – BAI, a nonprofit independent organization that delivers the financial services industry’s most actionable insights, launched its new Commercial Benchmarking program.

This program uses bank-supplied, account-level records to help financial services leaders understand how their organization compares to peer institutions related to commercial products, services and relationship management. Similar to other BAI benchmarking research programs that BAI has delivered to other parts of the bank for more than a decade, it relies entirely on data rather than using a general survey on customer opinion, and provides an impartial perspective to participants.

The BAI Commercial Benchmarking program will provide valuable, comparative metrics on the following:

Products and services offered

• Deposit products

• Loan products

• Digital services

• Treasury services

• Merchant services

Relationship management

• Relationship deepening

• Customer and account segments

• Acquisition

• Growth

• Retention

“Financial services leaders should understand how their organization’s Commercial line of business measures up to its peers, especially as competition for customers continues to grow,” said Karl Dahlgren, managing director for BAI. “BAI’s extensive experience in delivering benchmarking programs to banks positions us well to provide this type of analytical program to the Commercial area. For the first time in the financial services industry, these types of analytical tools are available to Commercial leaders so they can make informed, strategic business decisions with confidence.”

As a nonprofit, independent organization, BAI delivers the financial services industry’s most actionable insights, enabling leaders to make smart business decisions every day. We’re passionate about the trusted information and powerful tools that provide leaders with the clarity and confidence needed to drive positive change and move the financial services industry forward.

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